UIC First-Year Dialogue Seminar

The UIC First-Year Dialogue Seminar (Campus Courses 120/CC120) is an 8-week course worth 1 credit hour that focuses on diversity and social justice issues. The style of the seminar is based upon a dialogue-based education program at University of Michigan called Intergroup Dialogue. This program and our own serve the following purposes:

  • Integrate the instruction of dialogue theory with facilitated dialogue activities
  • Create a space for students to talk about issues, opinions, and perspectives
  • Teach students how to communicate effectively with people from varying backgrounds
  • Provide students with opportunities to learn about diversity at UIC

CC120 Word Cloud

Each session of the seminar lasts 110 minutes and consists of facilitated dialogue activities in class.  Outside of class, students are expected to complete assigned readings and reflection papers. Course topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Practicing Dialogue Skills
  • Exploring Complexities of Identity
  • Privilege and Discrimination
  • Civic Engagement in the Community

CC120 contributes to UIC’s Diversity Strategic Plan by offering a learning environment that promotes understanding and appreciation of identities, and fosters intergroup dialogue.